Death Of A Porsche

The Beginning

I found an old high school Chapbook deep in the bowels of my garage.  It has my first published poem inside, which makes it an appropriate first poem for my blog.  I wrote it in collaboration with Marisol Oblites when we were sixteen.1987 high school

Death of a Porsche

That tragic night will live in my mind forever.
I never thought it could happen to us.
My new red Porsche was totaled.
We should’ve taken a bus.

We were blinded by the headlights.
I screamed and grabbed the driver’s arm.
We swerved off the highway.
Then crashed right through a barn.

I thought for sure that we were dead.
Haystacks went flying everywhere.
A chicken landed on my head.
We launched a cow into the air.

I didn’t know what to do next,
So I screamed, “Take a right!”
We splattered through manure.
That wasn’t very bright.

All this noise brought the farmer out.
He jumped and yelled, and began to shout.
He called us many dirty names.
And said that we were dizzy dames.

I finally decided to hit the brake–
Not a moment too soon.
We were headed for a lake!

We’re in one piece to tell this tale
No we’re not; I broke a nail.
But one thing we are proud to say:
We had our seat belts on all the way!


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