From Constant Reader

I have been a Stephen King fan for years.  I love some books more than others, however…

9781439148501_custom-s6-c30 Unknown

From Constant Reader

I can remember times…
Slamming the book closed
Heart pounding
In fear

Because a beloved
New attachment
Was cruelly ripped
From the pages
In a gory death

Anxious anticipation
Of what was next to come
Evil seemingly to gain the upper hand
But in the end good prevails

And then came the dome
The same dome that covered
Springfield in the Simpsons
The same characters
That I’d read in other books
Flat and superficial
I’ve read this before
(but it was better then)
Bad guy bully, rough neck hero,
Country bumpkins bumbling through chapters
Sprinkled with supernatural overtones overdone

Fortunately, JFK
Redeemed you
Mr. King

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