Self portrait

I’ve always known that I wanted to create.  I’ve known ever since my kindergarten teacher first asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I wanted to be an artist.  I won my first award that year for a chalk drawing of a house.  It was displayed in the district office and I was a proud five year old.  When I was in middle school, I took a photography class with my stepdad.  I liked how you could capture a scene with an artist’s eye in just one click.  I then wanted to be a photographer.  My stepdad blew up and framed two photos that I took on a class trip and I was a proud thirteen year old.   Later, in high school I dreamed of writing.  I found myself interested in poetry, short stories, novels, and children’s books.  I began to write in journals, with friends, for assignments, and inspired by prompts.  It was fun. I wanted to be a writer.  My first poem was published in a school anthology and I was a proud sixteen year old.

After high school, I did some common adult rites of passage.  I went to school and received a BA in Liberal Studies and an MA in Education.  I partied; I learned responsibility.  I got married; I got divorced.  I raised two children.  Life became busy and my creative dreams, while they remained, were pushed into the background.  No time to spare.  Several years later, I find myself in an opportune position to let my creativity flow once again.  This blog is a place to rediscover the flow and to share what I create.



  1. Hello 🙂
    I just wanted to stop by and say thankyou for reading and liking so many of my poems.
    It was such a big boost for me and is always a pleasure to meet someone new.
    I wish you much luck on your creative journey xx

    • I was really touched by your childhood poems. Later, I want to go back and read some more. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us. 🙂

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