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The Truck Driver

The Truck Driver Truck driver Bored, tired Sitting, driving, unloading Trucks, CBs, radios, packages Watching, bypassing, living Regretful, sad Dad Related articles St. Louis Trucking News: Two FW Trucking Drivers Go Above and Beyond to Protect Motoring Public ( Only 50% of Truck Drivers Use the Safety Belt, Says Study ( Trucking Looks For Fresh …

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Me and My Dad

Me and My Dad Me Intelligent, creative Teaching, reading, learning Adventure, blindness, restlessness, dreams Driving, working, sleeping Smart, stuck Dad

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Sabor de Taste (or if you prefer) Taste of Sabor

This poem came about because I was sharing my dreams with a friend.  My dreams included writing and learning Spanish.  My friend challenged me to write a poem in Spanish and then share it at an open mic night.  Well…this was an attempt…needless to say, I have not shared this poem at any open mic …

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