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A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start Despair is When the world around Comes crashing down Feeling like The brink of death A monster with half Of the universe Against you Love only found in An alternate reality Uniquely alone Dig deep inside Your alien skin To the power at the center That energy surge Through your heart Out …

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Fringe Trapped here On the fringe The eye of the storm Is calm Protected But we are here Amongst the confusion The unknowns The fear Danger hiding in shadows And flinging through the air Like leaves in a storm Or bricks in a tornado Ready to blow us away And slam us into the concrete …

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Firefly I can see where you Were headed You needed time for Romance to develop The loyalties to strengthen The bonds to cement Concrete takes time to set And become strong There were still so many Adventures to be had Daring capers So that I could cling to The experience and get To know you …

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